Inspiring Change

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action. This year’s theme ‘Inspiring Change’ is an advocacy for women’s advancement everywhere in every way.

When I read ‘advocacy for women’s advancement’ I thought “how?”

How can I inspire change for women’s advancement,
particularly everywhere in every way?

The best way I feel is by beginning with me.

I can inspire change by …
sharing my beliefs and my truths;
treating each person as I would like to be treated;
respecting each person as I wish to be respected.

I can inspire change by …
being an example and showing that there is an alternative way;
finding what lights me up and thoroughly enjoy it;
walking the talk, consistently.

I can inspire change by …
giving back where and when I can;
being open to possibilities and opportunities;
apologising and forgiving myself, and others.

I can inspire change through love.

Today I’m going to reflect and give thanks to those who inspire me. I look around and I am blessed to have many inspiring people in my life. They may not know they’re inspiring me … and they may not be seen as ‘advocating for women’ … yet their actions and messages are expanding people’s thinking, which indirectly helps the cause for women’s equality {as well as men’s}.

How about you … will you join me?

To celebrate International Women’s Day, I’m sharing this video because it inspires me to do better and be better. Enjoy!

Magical blessings,

Nicole Graham

Merry Christmas

I woke this morning to a quiet house and two cats that wanted to snuggle. Nick often works on Christmas morning getting home just after lunch… perfect timing for a late lunch/early dinner. As I prepare for a small festive celebration with friends, I wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! I trust your day will be filled with love and laughter.

Nicole Graham xx
♥ Photo Credit: Moi, Nicole Graham

Letting Go And Stepping Out

Stepping Out, Nicole Graham

Welcome to my {new} online space.

While creating this space back in late 2012, I was trying really hard to make a personal and professional shift… which didn’t happen.  During this time I released all my past blog posts {over 800 posts and over 1500 comments}, website content and images into the Universe. I was a little nervous about deleting a part of me that dated back to mid-2006 however I needed to let go to move forward. I realised I was trying to hold on to “what was” instead of moving forward with “what is”.

At the same time, I let go of my business name, The Modern Goddess. The name had served it’s purpose and my ego was holding on to it because people knew “of me” through the name.

Since then my focus has been on my administration and marketing support business, Bauhinia Solutions.  I was no longer ‘empowering women’ through my Modern Goddess site, instead I was supporting business owners {mostly women} with their administration needs.

My professional life had taken a completely different direction however it was what I needed.  The Modern Goddess was spiritually focused and I had been connecting with people outside of Hong Kong {due to it being a blog}.  The momentum of the blog was exciting however I was not very grounded in Hong Kong, and I constantly felt like I was living in two worlds.

While I navigated the online world, I started to teach business owners how to use their computer software {I went back to my training and development roots}.  I thought that by doing this, it would help ground me here in Hong Kong.  It did that and more…

In 2009 after many requests to assist my computer students with various administration support, I decided to be intentional about building my new, evolving business, Bauhinia Solutions.  I have to admit, my intentions became an obsession and my life became all about my clients, my team and my business {eeekkk!!}. I eventually became unhappy with my direction.  I was stuck and struggling to move to the next stage, which was to step away from working directly with clients, and focus my energies on supporting my team {to support our clients} and build my business.

I hit a wall… I cried {lots} and then reached out for help.  It’s been a journey!  With the support of my business coach, my mastermind group and especially my team, I made the shift.

With the shift came another realisation… it’s time to step out from ‘behind the scenes’.

I’m ready to shine my light.

I hope you join me on this next chapter. While supporting my team and growing my business, I’m also going to create space to teach and facilitate programs that create an impact, at a personal and professional level.

At my core, I am a teacher and facilitator.

Here at, my goal is to blend spiritual practices with practical tools to help service-based, holistic and creative practitioners, create a financially successful business.  My approach is to go with the flow and follow my heart.  I’m going to lean into each step with confidence, listen for the whispers and keep my eyes open for the signs.

Please explore the site.  If you’re new here, you may want to get to know me a little better, and if so, I recommend you read my About page.  Thank you for stopping by.

Nicole Graham

{PS: I’d like to thank the lovely Linda from Full Moon Design for her creative input. Linda helped me a great deal with the look and feel of this lovely new space.  Linda also designed our gorgeous Goddess Journals}.